Wireless Communications

Wireless communications is rapidly changing. Within the telecommunications industry we are experiencing developments in wireless technology that are revolutionizing how we access and use information. As this technology continues to evolve with increased throughput, broader coverage, and improved security so to will our access to information.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of business. We have access to corporate data on a scale never experienced before. Companies adopting a mobile strategy are enjoying the advantages of being able to conduct business anywhere anytime. Retrieving critical information to close a sale or service an account is no longer dependent upon proximity to the company's local area network.

Netwurx Technology Group can help you navigate the current trends within the industry and deploy the wireless solution that fits your business needs.

In this new era of improved wireless access is your business ready to experience the benefits of increased mobility, productivity, and profitability?


What is M2M?

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions wirelessly connect diverse devices to a network, enabling two-way communication. From trucks and turbines to heart monitors and vending machines, M2M allows network-ready devices to connect and share reliable real-time data via radio signals. Monitored and managed remotely, M2M automates processes in industries from transportation to health care.

Increase efficiency with Machine-to-Machine

Organizations connecting M2M devices to a network can quickly see the potential savings in time, cost and labor. Transmitting information wirelessly at its source - from a vehicle, instrument, house or business - and receiving valuable feedback not only automates manual processes, it helps to streamline service provisioning and billing.

Capturing and acting upon reliable real-time data transforms information and services you can provide. Use M2M to change processes within your organization, or develop enhanced services to offer customers. Relying on years of experience developing innovations in fleet management, mobile workforce management, vehicle safety and package delivery tracking, Netwurx Technology Group can help you:

  • Identify and adapt M2M solutions to your business needs
  • Improve the performance of business processes
  • Introduce new services
  • Enhance profitability
  • Improve service quality
  • Strengthen customer relationships


What is MRM?

Mobile Resource Management or MRM is a term used to describe a portfolio of technologies, equipment, software and services that grant end-to-end visibility to any company with fleet vehicles, remote workers, and other mobile assets.

Using a combination of Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies tied to software applications and wireless and Internet communications, Mobile Resource Management is an advancement of significant proportions in the increasingly mobile world of business.

MRM business solutions increase productivity, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and deliver competitive advantage to a wide range of industries dealing with mobile workers, vehicles, and assets.

Any organization, large or small, that has employees in the field should consider implementing a MRM solution. This is essential for their continued success.

Let Netwurx Technology Group help you implement the right MRM solution for your business.

  • Reduce costs. Lower fuel expense, labor costs, mileage, unauthorized use, theft or loss, insurance premiums and more.
  • Simplify management. Get easy-to-use customizable, automated reports to simplify managing mobile resources.
  • Improve productivity. Optimize your drivers’ time and get more done in less time.
  • Decrease risk. With automated reporting, vehicle maintenance is kept up-to-date, improving overall safety.
  • Improved customer service - Arrive on-time at customers’ locations, deliver accurate shipments, and eliminate incorrect or fraudulent work time and delivery reporting.

GPS Tracking

Simply PLUG this device in to your vehicle and begin TRACKING!

GPS fleet management is really pretty simple. The more information you have about your fleet, the more efficiently you can run your business. Easy-to-read tracking reports and graphics enable you to quickly identify wasteful practices and potential areas of improvement.

These include:

Saving money on fuel

  • GPS fleet management lets you know when drivers are wasting fuel by exceeding the speed limit, idling excessively or not taking the shortest routes.
  • Real-time traffic information helps drivers seek alternate routes and avoid delays.

Increasing productivity

  • GPS fleet management tracks and monitors the time spent at a job site.
  • Unauthorized vehicle usage can be eliminated.
  • Quantified data on employees can be used to identify and reward outstanding work.
  • Transportation costs can be estimated more accurately, enabling companies to develop competitive bids.
  • Expensive and time-consuming phone calls can be reduced.

Improving customer service

  • Routing information helps vehicles get to work sites more quickly and respond to emergencies in a timely fashion.
  • By using a GPS tracking solution, more customers can be served per day.

Saving money on vehicle insurance

  • Many insurance companies offer discounts for GPS fleet management systems.
  • Accidents and speeding are reduced, keeping insurance rates low.

Mobile Devices

Wireless Phones, Smartphones, Blackberry, Tablets, Mobile Broadband, etc...

A large and growing array of mobile devices is available to connect mobile workers wirelessly to vital applications such as email or to enable remote, real time access to business data. Products such as Smartphones, Tablets, and Mobile Broadband devices can dramatically enhance “on-the-road” productivity. However, choosing the appropriate devices for your business and integrating them securely and efficiently into your network can be challenging without expert help.

Netwurx Technology Group works with all the major cell phone carriers and can provide you with exactly what you need, even if that means getting service from more than one carrier.

We can help you with:
  • Carrier selection
  • Carrier rate plans
  • Coverage issues
  • Advantages and disadvantages of handsets and smartphones
  • Field force assessment and analysis of the technical skills of your field force to ensure they end up with the right technologySolution architecture